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How to Get Harder and Long-Lasting Erections

Let me clue you in on a secret: Sex is mostly mental. I know a lot of guys think that sex is something purely physical. After all, most guys can’t help but focus on the physical release involved in sex. I am, of course, talking about orgasms. Guys fantasize about the ultimate orgasm. In fact, it’s the only thing most guys seem to notice or talk about.

Interestingly enough, if you focus less on the physical nature of sex and choose to adopt the right mindset and mental preparation, you will be in for quite a surprise. Not only would sex be more enjoyable; it would also be more intense and more memorable.

At the very least, you stop looking at sex as something that you just do because you just have to do it. That’s how most guys look at sex. They look at it as something they do just to do it. That leaves a lot to be desired because it can be something more and it all begins with the proper investment in your mindset and attitude.

Men often ignore the mental and non-physical aspects of erections. Just as sex is mostly mental, erections also have a non-physical component. A lot of guys think that either they pop a boner or they don’t. They either have a semi or a chubby. This is oversimplifies tic things. 

The truth is they assume that an erection is automatic as long as they are sexually aroused. This assumes too much. If you’re having a tough time maintaining a rock-hard erection or you’re having a difficult time lasting in the sack, it may be because your mindset has set you up for failure.

Too Many Guys Suffer from Erection-Related Issues

Before we jump into a step-by-step holistic approach to harder and longer-lasting erections, it’s time for a quick recap.

What kind of issues do guys suffer from when it comes to erection issues? A lot of dudes have erections. They can get hard but their equipment doesn’t stay as rigid as it could be.

Also, many guys can get rock-hard erections but they only stay this way for a very short period. Oftentimes, it’s not long enough to please their partner. 

Additionally, many guys reports suffering from lackluster orgasms. They’re still able to climax and ejaculate. That’s not the problem. The problem is it’s not as intense and fulfilling as before.

Finally, many fellas report that while they can get rock hard and stay hard and reach intense climax, their orgasms are too short.

Remember the first time you had really good sex? Not only did you perform like a stallion on the sack but when you got one off, it’s as if it lasted forever. You feel lifted. It’s as if all the nerve endings all over your body were lit up. That’s how intense orgasms should be.

The good news is by making some simple changes, you can recapture those very intense experiences with your partner. 

To get harder and longer-lasting erections, follow these steps. These are crucial to a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life not just for yourself but for your partner as well.

Step #1: Get your mind right

This is the most important part. You have to be mentally proactive when it comes to sex. It shouldn’t be just something that happens almost by accident. If that’s your attitude, then get ready to settle for whatever you get. Most of the time, the sex, your erection and your organism won’t be anything to write home about.

A bit of mental preparation can go a long way. How do you prepare?

First, you need to reduce your exposure to the things that stress you out. Maybe you need to relax ahead of time. Perhaps you need to stop smoking, drinking, or taking any kind of drug prior to sex.

Instead, adopt some sort of mindfulness or simple breathing exercises that enables you to achieve a deep state of relaxation very quickly. It doesn’t have to be a formal meditation practice but that can definitely help.

Whatever you do, set aside some “downtime” to properly unwind your mind so you can focus your mind on enjoying the pleasure of both you and your part capable of achieving together.

Step #2: Eat the right diet

Eat foods that are rich in zinc and magnesium. A lot of people suffer from magnesium deficiency and this is why they suffer from lackluster sexual performance. Herbs for fitness are generally a good category to look into as most are based on stimulating blood flow, enhancing mood and balancing hormones. 

Zinc is crucial for ejaculation as well as semen volume. It’s a good idea to eat foods that are naturally rich in zinc, magnesium, vitamin C as well as nitrogen like beans. Why is nitrogen important? Nitrogen is crucial for blood volume. When the right amount of nitrogen is in your bloodstream, your blood vessels open up and this can lead to more intense, rock-hard, long-lasting, and more pleasurable erections.

In addition to eating foods that are rich in these minerals and elements, you might also want to load up on products like Test DroneDNA Bal, and Trenbol. These food supplements contain ingredients Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, and Maca, which have been generally thought to help with ejaculation pressure, semen volume, and boosting blood transport-enhancing nitrogen.

When you eat the right diet, you also can help improve overall blood flow and nerve health. These two go hand in hand. By eating organic food and making sure to monitor your testosterone levels, you can achieve a healthy balance in your nerve health, blood flow, and muscle repair.

Testosterone is crucial because it affects your libido as well as your muscle maintenance and performance. You can boost testosterone through your food choices as well as through supplements like the Perform Stack from Juiced Upp. 

Step #3: Get in shape

A lot of guys think that they’re already in shape so they are for sex all day every day. Wrong!

If you want to perform not just for yourself but for your partner, you have to put in the work. Hit the gym. Work those weights. Put in the time on those cardio machines.

It also can help tremendously if you eat a low-carb, high-fat diet. When you do this, your body starts burning fat for fuel. How come? When you reduce your carb intake on a day-to-day basis below a certain point, your pancreas stops releasing high levels of insulin. This means that your body will start looking at your stored fat as a source of energy instead of the blood sugar in your bloodstream that it normally prefers.

By switching to a lower-carb and higher-fat diet, you end up reducing your body’s overall inflammation. Make no mistake inflammation is bad news. Not only can it lead to your nerves numbing; it can also lead to sexual insensitivity at a fairly low level.

This is why guys can’t stay erect for long. They’re not as sensitive down there as they could otherwise be. A lot of this has to do with nerve numbing due to not enough fat layers on your nerve cells as well as the effect of inflammation.

You can get a grip on all of these issues by simply reducing the amount of carbs you take on daily basis. Doing so also helps lower your blood pressure and this can improve overall blood flow to the penis.

Finally, you should also do core workouts. The reason guys really can’t stay on the sack and perform like an eager relentless stallion is because they have cores. The spirit is willing but the body has just fallen flat.

You may be thin but if you don’t work out your core through crunches and sit-ups and other ab workouts, you don’t have the abdominal strength needed to perform for your partner over the long haul. Remember it takes women a lot longer to get heated up than men. Keep that in mind.

Step #4: Do Kegel exercises

A lot of erection guides jump straight to this step. That’s a big mistake because as I have mentioned earlier, sex is mostly mental. If your mind isn’t in the right place and you don’t lay the proper foundation, all the Kegel exercises in the world aren’t going to necessarily make you a better lover. Seriously. It can only improve your performance up to a certain point. In fact, in many cases, it might not adequately address your erection issue. So, do these last.

What are Kegel exercises? Think of it this way. Have you ever wanted to pee but can’t because you were on the road? You had to control your urine. Do you remember those times?

During those stressful situations, you were tightening certain muscles in your crotch. You use these to pee. You tighten them to hold the pee in and then you relax them to relieve yourself. These are exactly the kind of muscles you will need to exercise to gain better control over your erection as well as achieve better sexual performance.

The good news is you can do Kegel exercises wherever you are. I could be at Starbucks typing away at my laptop, speaking to my podcast microphone and otherwise enjoying myself, and people wouldn’t know that I’m doing these exercises. They’re very discrete.

You don’t have an excuse for not doing them if you have erection issues. You can do them anywhere. You can choose to exercise this part of your body at any time or part of your natural bodybuilding routine.

It also would help tremendously if you do core workouts. The more focused and targeted your workouts as far as specific abdominal muscles go, the greater your area of control. This enables you to hold your erection for a longer period to maximize your partner’s orgasm.

By also hanging on for that long, you end up boosting the intensity of your own on climax. It’s a win-win situation. The great thing about core workouts is not only do you get to enjoy a nice set of six-pack but your partner will also enjoy your improved performance in the sack because you have enhanced this part of your body.


Keep the four steps above in mind. Do them in the order I listed them. Remember, just as sex is mostly mental, achieving and maintaining a solid erection is largely mental as well. If your mind is in the right place and you have the right attitude, you’re well on you way to becoming a better lover who is not only capable of delivering amazing performances time and time again, but you also get to enjoy sex more.

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