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Well Groomed Man – What It Takes to be The Most Confident Gentleman in The Room

You want it all – the dapper looks, perfect hair, clear skin, and the perfect muscular body. You’ve watched chubby men with acne-prone skin change into confident men who seem to have everything figured out, just by looking good. That could be you too! And the good news is that you can start today.


Well, whether you’re looking to build muscle to enhance your looks in an instant or you’re planning to make small changes in your appearance daily, there are several things you could do. The best bit is that whether you employ all these tips today or get on with a few of them, you will notice a change in your confidence, charisma, and self-esteem; and your friends will mention the changes to you too. 

Here are our top picks for some of the things you could start doing today:

Take care of yourself through good grooming

Here’s something you might not know – all the men you admire because they look like they were born with the perfect looks, smooth and clear skin, and perfect hair wouldn’t look that good if they didn’t groom themselves well. The difference between you and those guys is that the guys you admire know of grooming tips you know nothing of or the ones you ignore.

For the gentleman looks, you must incorporate good grooming into your style. Some of the basic grooming tips you should try include:

1) Trim your pubes

This is perhaps one of the world’s greatest ironies. For your first decade, you wait for these hairs to show up, and then they do about 13 years later, and then for the rest of your life, you have to spend time and money maintaining, managing, and getting rid of your pubes. Funny, huh?

Well, letting your pubic hairs run wild will make you look like a troll-doll down there. You don’t want that – especially because your girlfriend/ partner doesn’t fancy those hairs. So, trim them – trim the pubic region, around your testicles and the penis. 

Besides your girlfriend not liking the hairs, pubic hairs leave you stinky from heat and sweat. 

How do you do it? Trim your bushes with soap (works better than shaving cream). Besides keeping things fresh down there, a trimmed bush leaves your tree looking taller.

2) Powder your balls 

You don’t hear or read this every day but, smelly ball sweat, even when you’re looking sharp, will dampen your confidence – especially if no one else gets a whiff of that smell. Look for a powder that leaves you smelling fresh throughout the day. But avoid talc powder – it’s been linked to cancer and menthol powder, because – you know – the burning sensation is nothing you want on your balls!

Remember that your testicles will stink is unattended to, and that musky nutty smell is an absolute no! But even before you shower, remember to pay extra attention to your balls by washing them with a piece of cloth or even a spongy loofah. Then dry them well when leaving the shower.

3) Clip your nails at the right time

You might want to keep your nails long, but it isn’t the smartest thing for you to do. Clip your nails well. While there is no one time perfect for clipping nails, to keep your nails hard, clip or file before a shower. You could also opt to file your nails. For soft nails, clip them after a shower.

4) Shave the back of your neck

Your barber will not tell you this, but shaving the hair at the back of your neck means an extra week or more before your next visit to the barber. All you need is a trimmer and a handheld mirror – a trimmer is smaller than the clipper. 

5) Don’t wash your hair daily

It might not sound like the best piece of advice with hair collecting dirt and sweat all the time, but shampooing hair frequently dries out the hair, making it frizzy, dull, or straw-like. If you have to wash your hair frequently, shampoo it every other day.

6) Check your eyebrows

Your facial symmetry is off when your eyebrows are unruly. The unruly eyebrows will also draw attention away from your big blue eyes. So if you’re not ready to buy brow gel, just use hair gel. 

7) That beard should be on your manscape routine

First, you need to know that where your beard stops and ends depends on the structure of your face. You should also consider how high up on the cheeks your beard goes. And, remember that the perfect beard doesn’t just happen with patchy beard growth more popular than you think – all you need to know is that you should not keep a long or a full beard if your beard growth is patchy.

Some of the things you should consider when it comes to beard care and grooming include:

Length – if you want a long beard, you should be ready to groom and keep the bush clean all the time. A bushy and a big beard is not, however, professional.

Where should your beard start? – If you’re looking for an edgier look, try a neckbeard but keep it presentable. However, neckbeard trimmed too close to your jaw doesn’t look too good.

For the proper beard, start trimming it lower by shutting your mouth, lifting your head, and feeling the jaw. The soft area of your jaw should be the boundary. 

With a double chin, a weak jaw, and neck fat, you should allow the beard to grow lower – that is one/ two fingers just above your Adam’s apple. You need the extra hair for camouflage and strength.

To determine where your hairline should start on the cheeks, draw an imaginary line right from the top of your ears to the mouth. Trim above this line and then clean up the straggly hairs. 

To groom a beard, set the guard then go over your beard. Don’t forget to blend and taper off the sideburns. 

Keep things smooth and presentable every few days.

The other things you should do include:

8) Trim off the ear and nose hairs

You know that just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean that it’s not there, right? Well, that’s the case with ear hairs. As you grow older hair will fall off the parts you want it to grow and grow where it shouldn’t – your head holes will have more hair than you want. If unmanaged, ear hair becomes unmanageable. 

To trim outer ear hair, use high-quality tweezers if you have few hairs, and a facial hair grooming tool if you have too many hairs. A wax strip is your other great option.

For trimming inner ear hair, use the handheld mirror and use scissors for control. This scissor is the rounded-tip nose-hair trimming scissors. The nose trimmer works well, just tilt your head for the hairs to fall out.

For nose trimming, your options include waxing, lasers, electric-powered nose trimmer, or a nose-hair trimming scissors. Remember that nose hair is distracting and overlooked, don’t let those prickly hairs break your mojo!

After removing body hair, get the best aftershave balm to soothe the skin and to prevent stinging or dry skin. The balm also hydrates the skin.

9) Shower daily 

Gentlemen, here is something we have to talk about and revisit at this time of your life – that you must shower daily. Shower daily to look and feel fresh, and for you to feel rejuvenated.

Besides feeling great when going to work, daily showers are important when heading to the gym and after. You need to get over the belief that you can head to the gym without hitting the shower. You want to make sure anyone around you is not running away from casual chit chat? Shower when you get in and out of the gym, and every day. A shower is the best way for you to boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

10) Wash your face properly

In the morning with clean water and the evening with a gentle cleanser. Research what works best for your skin type.

11) Brush your teeth and floss

If your breath stinks, whether you suffer from halitosis or not, you have to work harder at oral grooming. With bad breath ranking high up as one of the nastiest odors that is known to man, and a reason why your girlfriend might leave you, you must work on your oral health. 

First things first, avoid eating onions and garlic foods if you cannot follow up with something that will eliminate the smell, chew gum and try mouthwash. If these don’t work (these strategies won’t if you have serious halitosis – often caused by poor dental hygiene), you have to rethink your dental care routines. Brush your teeth at least twice every day and floss often and you might want to invest in an electronic toothbrush. Electronic toothbrushes are more effective in cleaning the gums and the spaces between your teeth which harbor bacteria that cause bad breath. You should also consider seeking medical attention if you ever want to land a date.

12) Use deodorant

Did you know that sweat does not smell? Yes, you heard that right. Sweat has no stink, but the odor from bacteria hiding on the skin is what causes the sweat smell – this smell comes about when the bacteria becomes wet from the sweat.

Using deodorant is an effective solution because it has alcohol which kills the bacteria on the skin – making you the freshest smelling gentleman around the office.

Everybody love men who smell great! 

13) Invest in good-quality grooming products

You need the best quality shaving creams, conditioners, hair, and skin products for good-looking and smooth skin and hair. Poor quality products could only leave you with rashes, your skin flaky, and your hair might get dry and weak – no one wants that.

14) Supplement Your Diet

In as much as you try eating all the good and healthy foods, your body might need more than you supply in your plate for confidence. For a leaner, stronger, and a high-performance body (especially when working out and in the bedroom), you might want to try gym supplements. These gym supplements might work like steroids because they are steroid alternatives, but they are not steroids. Often, the gym supplements will enhance the function of your body by encouraging muscle mass buildup and fat burning. Since these supplements are safe, you can use them along with your Diet for performance enhancement, bodybuilding, or weight loss.

The beauty of a healthy lifestyle is the double rewards that come in your confidence and macho style. You need these to attract women, and of course, great sex.


The mind does a number on you which is why you must consider taking up a routine that stems from the mind and into the physical. Strengthens your will power by reducing stress, while trying to get good sleep well. By tuning in to all your thoughts and also noticing the thoughts running through your mind, you become confident and happier. 

Keep in mind that you might not be your mom’s most beautiful child, but a well-groomed, sharply dressed man opens the doors of success fast, attracts and lands the partner of their dreams or keeps their partner – it doesn’t mean if you are with someone you let yourself go! Thanks to this confidence, this well-groomed guy guy is on top of his game.

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