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Why Leg Day Helps With Sex Drive

Not too many people go to the gym for leg day.  Most of us tend to give more importance to our upper body and abdominals as we feel that improving those areas is sufficient to our overall aesthetic and strength.  And also for a much simpler reason that, it can be quite a pain to walk after a grueling leg workout using the very leg muscles you have just pounded on hence it becomes really tempting to forego this body part as much as possible.

However, when you skip your leg training, you are actually discarding key elements of a complete workout routine.  You see, there will be a muscle imbalance and lack of symmetry when you focus on just your chest and arms during your exercise. You surely wouldn’t want to match a carved up upper body with a set of chicken legs. Aside from looking comical, you will not achieve total body strength.  

There is a host of other benefits you can gain from having a toned lower body, one of which may very well be the last aspect you will associate it with, not from the get-go at least.  

Leg day as a sex drive booster

I’m sure a number of fitness enthusiasts don’t go to the gym thinking,”hey, i need to do the stairmaster to enhance my sexual prowess”. Well, aside from improving athletic skills such as running, kicking, jumping, turning, pivoting, etc., training your legs can actually do wonders for you in bed.

We can all use those endorphins from a good workout by cascading it to good sex. And it fundamentally starts with one’s sex drive. There are individuals who may feel they are lacking in any sexual desire such that they have practically become asexual. This problem may be caused by several things, and usually stress is the number one reason. There have been studies that have shown a relationship between strength training exercise and higher sex drive. In other words, your sex life will benefit from regular workouts in one way or another.

You typically feel better physically, mentally and emotionally after a great workout. That’s why you should tap into this natural high which often brings about a surge in sexual energy afterwards. With stress gone, it easily impacts your libido, especially with the resulting increased blood flow to the most parts of your body including your sex organs. This also stimulates lubrication, which of course, heightens the pleasure you experience as a whole.

Leg day improves sexual performance

Your ability to perform compound movements with a strong set of legs can increase testosterone in men, which has an impact on sexual stamina and pleasure.  This makes strength training in particular, a good precursor to arousal.  You get the most out of this when you do it right after your routine during which your endorphins, lubrication, testosterone are on high gear.

Strengthened leg muscles, promotes hip flexibility, thereby allowing a wider range of movements in the bedroom.  There are endurance exercises as well that simulate sexual positions which support lower body muscles. This way, you will have longer and satisfying sexual performance which would otherwise make you quit too soon, much to your partner’s dismay.

Other leg day benefits

Apart from having a cumulative effect on one’s sex life, there are so many positive aspects of having a leg day to your apparent health and fitness in general.  Let’s go through each one of them.

Helps in compound movements

There are several exercises that may be targeted, but they also get to work other muscle groups or body parts simultaneously.  A good example would be squats.  Although they are focused on your lower body such as the legs and thighs, they also engage your abdominal muscles, giving them a workout in the process. 

Decreases susceptibility to injuries

Admittedly, we take our legs for granted when it comes to strength training. But you might start taking it seriously when you know that a leg day can not only prevent body imbalances, but can also counteract an existing injury.  Leg routines such as lunges, deadlifts, and squats build muscle around joints that promote strength, mobility and stability, which ultimately help prevent injuries.

Contributes to overall athleticism

You will realize that your strong legs are not only to enable you to perform your gym exercises, but also give you a better advantage in many sports that rely on leg power.  Legs that are strength-trained offers stability to maintain a proper running form.  You also stand to benefit from a strong core and back that will also be helpful in other cross training activities such as cycling, rowing and swimming.  Other sports that can use strength from your legs include soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

Enhances metabolism

Aside from cardiovascular movement, strength training for your legs can ramp up your metabolism. With the large muscles such as the hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps, they require more blood to carry oxygen that will fire up your metabolism during a workout. Your heart will have to do more work being located further from these muscles which then results in more burned calories.  Bigger muscles that require more energy, such as the glutes will also contribute to this effect along with increased metabolic rate. You can even take advantage of the big afterburn in terms of helping you in your weight loss.

Achieves shapely and strong legs

Some people misconstrue that aerobic and cardio activities are sufficient to build strength in the legs. They will then realize that they will still lack in that department because they are not doing targeted strength training which can only be attained when you perform a wide range of motion and at different angles in that area.  With your focused routine, you are working type 2 muscle fibers that are basically bigger than type 1 muscle fibers, and are essential for speedy movements.  As such, strengthening these muscle fibers will improve your cardio performance and create a toned appearance of your legs.

Increases growth hormones

To maximize muscle growth or hypertrophy, you need to dedicate strength training to your different muscle groups and in this case, the lower body during which the protein synthesis is said to be regulated. Training should be done alongside a perform stack to maintain its elevated level, which stimulates this aspect as well as testosterone or T levels. With increased production of growth hormones, you can also benefit from fighting aging, improved bone density, and endurance.

Tips to a great leg day

Think of your legs as weaklings

Especially when you are a habitual leg day skipper, you must treat your legs as your weakest spots. You can start with squats, which you will incorporate into your routine as they involve multiple joints that also work your glutes on top of all the leg musculature. Squats can be very challenging, but prove to be one of the best exercises to gain strength in the area. There are several squat variations, by alternating front and low bar squats, you will develop the size and strength of your legs.  And of course, your libido can also benefit from it.

You’ll definitely need some nutrition planning before embarking on a serious leg day. After all, with the repetitive muscle contraction that can almost make your quads beg for mercy, you have to be well-fueled with a big meal consisting of high quality protein, ample vegetables, and  high fiber carbs which are ideally consumed three hours before your leg workout.  As for your supplements which may consist of caffeine, beta alanine, citrulline malate, and nootropics, they should be ingested around 20 minutes prior to your warmup in order to allow them to be absorbed into your bloodstream first to optimize their benefits, which can extend under the sheets.

Refrain from locking out your knees

Let’s face it, it will be hard to resist taking a break from all the brutal exercises you have subjected your legs to.  The problem is in doing so, you tend to lock your knees out.  As such, a good amount of stress from your worked over legs will shift to the knee joints, putting them under a lot of strain.  This would then reduce muscle tension that stimulates its growth. You wouldn’t want this to happen as you might also miss out on all the fun with your partner.

The caveat

Here’s the thing, overtraining during your leg day will not lead to a sexual overdrive, but the opposite of it.  When you have done too much exercise, fatigue will ensue.  Your body will try to recover by repairing your muscle tissues that have been overworked where all that blood flow is going to, which you would have preferred to reach your nether regions instead.

Always remember to be attuned to your body and perform your leg day at least twice a week to reap optimal gains not just for your health and fitness, but also for your sex drive where you’ll likely appreciate it the most.

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