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7 Key Beliefs That Are Crucial To A Winning Sports Psychology

“Sports psychology” refers to the collection of beliefs, mindsets, and attitudes people need to have to be successful with any exercise or workout plan. If you’re trying to lose weight, get fit, or excel in sports, your head needs to be in the right place.

Sadly, this is easier said than done. Too many people who head out to the gym to work out think they already have the right mindset. How wrong they are! Most drop out. Most fail to lose weight.

The bottom line? If you want your sports training, workout plans, and other life plans to work out, you have to believe in most, if not all, of the following:

Belief #1: Success is possible

Whether you’re training for a sports event, trying to get rid of a few inches of fat in your mid-section or you’re trying to switch to a healthier diet, you can’t sabotage yourself with a toxic mindset. Most people who read diet books or watch workout videos are too skeptical. They don’t believe their eyes. They think that practical success is impossible because they’ve hit the gym before and failed or tried diet after diet only to end up fatter and less healthy.

They’ve become jaded to the point that they think no real success is possible. To truly lose weight, gain muscle, burn off belly fat, you have to believe that success is possible because others have done it!

Belief #2: Believe that you can succeed with your fitness plan

It’s not enough to think that others can be successful with the right health and fitness plan. You have to take the next step and believe that you-yes you-can succeed with the plan you pick out.

If you don’t make this leap of faith from thinking others can succeed to you achieving success yourself,  your fitness plans will remain ‘theoretical.’ Deep down inside, you’ll continue to think that weight loss, fitness, bodybuilding, and sports training ‘would be nice’ but you have other priorities.

Eventually, your other concerns take a higher priority and you stop going to the gym. Choose to believe your fitness plan will work in your life if you commit to it.

Belief #3: Believe that you can handle distractions and setbacks

If you walk into a fitness program assuming that it will be a straight path from your current beer belly to six pack abs, you’re in for quite a shocking surprise.

Many people quickly stop working out or exercising regularly because they got hurt at the gym, their work schedule changed, or some sort of personal emergency came up. These people end up in worse shape than they started. Why? They failed to plan ahead.

Assume there will be bumps in the road to fitness. Plan accordingly. Always have a backup plan. Tell yourself “If I cannot go to the gym today, I can do (X)”  When you are ready for surprises and you constantly remind yourself of what you should be doing, your priorities don’t change. You are more likely to get back on track when things go back to normal.

Belief #4: Real change only happens when your habits change

You won’t lose much weight if you work out for 4 hours at the gym every once in a blue moon. On the other hand, if you commit to spending as little as 30 minutes on intense weight training at your gym consistently, you’ll start looking great in no time flat.

What is the secret to truly sustainable weight loss, fitness, and better health? Consistency. That’s right, if you are able to go to the gym no matter how you feel or no matter how inconvenient it is, your life will change for the better.

In short, if you turn health and fitness, as well as healthy eating, into habits, you will stick to your new lifestyle. It won’t matter if you feel like working out or not-once that alarm clock rings, you will put on your gym shoes, and go work out no matter how tired you feel. Even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll put one foot in front of the other and jog, run, or exercise day after day.

Believe that you need to change your habits and you’ll be on your way to the very best version of you!

Belief #5:  When you feel pain, that’s when you gain

When working out, you have to challenge your body. You can’t stay safely and painlessly within your comfort zone. If your workouts don’t tire you out, involve some physical discomfort or even slight pain, you are not pushing yourself enough.

If you want to lose weight, you have to keep pushing against your comfort zone. This leads to faster and more sustainable belly fat loss, greater muscle tone, and most importantly, greater workout discipline!

Belief #6: Believe that you will eventually achieve momentum

Have you ever watched an ice cub melt? At first, it doesn’t look like it’s melting. After a few minutes, water starts to appear beneath it. Wait a few minutes more and it starts melting into a bigger and bigger puddle. After enough time has passed, the ice cube is gone and the only thing you can see is a puddle.
The same applies to your regular exercise and gym workout routines.

  1. At first, working out feels like such a chore. You feel like you’d rather be sleeping in or doing something else more enjoyable like eating an ice cream cone or playing video games on your coach.
  2. After you stick to your new routine, you reach a point where you feel bad if you don’t work out for the day. You feel guilty. You feel like there’s something missing from your day because you didn’t go to the gym.
  3. Welcome to the world of MOMENTUM-the point where it is so much easier for you to start something than stopping.

The good news? Everyone-yes, even you-has a point of momentum. You just have to stick to your workout schedule until it eventually sticks.

Belief #7: Believe that working out is a way of INVESTING in yourself

When you work out consistently, you not only end up weighing less, looking better, and feeling great about yourself but you are building a very powerful personal trait-discipline.

You probably already know this: discipline is CRUCIAL for ALL life success. You have to be disciplined at work, in your business, at school, in your career, and in your relationships for you to live out your fullest potential.

The road to success is not smooth or easy. There are just so many things threatening to throw you off. It’s too easy to lose patience with your plans, people around you, or even yourself. It’s tempting to take the easy way out or go for shortcut after shortcut.

When you exercise regularly at the gym or at home, you build discipline. You learn to do what is absolutely necessary now and leave the fun stuff for later. Eventually, your mindset changes and you don’t hesitate to put in the work now so you can enjoy its benefits later.

This ability will pay off in other areas of your life. You learn to pay your dues at work so you can get more promotions later on. You manage to invest enough work into your business so it becomes more profitable in the future. You stick to your partner until they mature and your relationship blossoms even more. There are so many ways discipline can help you.

The Final Word

Don’t think of working out at the gym for maximum fitness as something you do physically. For you to turn to make exercise a key part of your daily routine, you have to believe in the 7 beliefs above. They are crucial for a winning sports psychology.

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