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Why Being A Fat Kid In High School Should Motivate You

You may have been a chubby teen who endured years of bullying and fat shaming in high school just because of the way you looked.  You were constantly the butt of jokes, you were that boy or girl who no one was ever interested in.  You probably didn’t have a lot of friends either, so you often found yourself seeking comfort in food which all the more, didn’t do your body good. 

Now that you’re older, it seems you’re ready to take charge of your life.   And because the damage of your former fat self still lingers within, nobody can stop you from your ugly-duckling-to-beautiful-swan transformation.   As others who have gone through this themselves would say, once a fat kid, always a fat kid.  It’s a feeling that doesn’t go away easily.

Skinny fat is still fat

Although you could be near your ideal weight, you still have that stubborn midsection flab and have yet to gain a good amount of musculature. This puts you in the “skinny fat” middle ground category in which a relatively slender body has noticeable fat mass and practically zero muscle mass.  
It can be a point of frustration to the individual who thinks he’s doing his share of exercising regularly and restricting caloric intake and yet some visible fat still remains.   What could you be doing wrong, or is it about what you are not doing?  And there you go with the “fat” term rearing its ugly head again, which almost automatically takes you back to your not so distant past as that fat kid.
You’ve always had the worst feeling when other kids picked on you for being overweight and clumsy and it looks like your battle is not yet over in spite of your efforts.  So, why not turn this insecurity into an unwavering motivation for you to achieve your best shredded version yet?

Pain of being a fat kid as a motivator

Some people fail to get to the root of their goals because they are afraid to dig a painful memory. After all, pain is never a comfortable experience and as such, we would rather lie even to ourselves and say everything is good in our life that we should be thankful for. However, reliving some of this pain could be just what you need to push you forward.

With this introspection, your own fat kid experience will be an intrinsic motivation for you to become truly fit and fab.  This type of motivation will help you in your weight loss more successfully than just doing something because your romantic partner or object of interest is putting the pressure on you to slim down.  This motivation comes from within, which is key to getting outstanding results and therefore turns out to be more gratifying in the end.

Your “whys” will also power you through to your goal

The fat kid stigma can be your primary motivating force to eating healthy and exercising regularly.  But do not forget to align your weight loss goal to the values you uphold as well. This way, you will likely have better chances in achieving it. Because you’re still far off your target of having a slim and toned body, you will have to put in more work, which means having more patience and tenacity as it can be quite a journey. To buy steroids online should not really be an option either as you will want to do this the right and healthy way.

You shouldn’t desire to be fit just for the sake of looking a lot more attractive or to become healthy, which would still beg the question, why do you want to look better or why do you want to be healthy? Don’t get me wrong here as these answers are great aspirations but cliches nonetheless.

Try to delve into yourself and look for a more meaningful goal. Perhaps it’s because you want to be more confident, so you’ll be able to hold your own during social scenarios, or have a sense of achievement that can inspire others. In any case, your answer should refer to a meaningful and deeper value in the context of your daily lives that will serve as the anchor to your fat kid motivation.

How to get there

Don’t be deterred by people mistaking you as becoming obsessive let alone suffering from body dysmorphia given that you have set the body goals that you have.  It is interesting to note that  individuals who are considered skinny fat can come across as plain skinny in clothes, which can be deceptive. That’s because underneath the skinny top and jeans, lies softness and muscles that are M-I-A.

People who were once overweight, such as being a former fat kid, tend to be in this skinny fat situation, whether as a phase on their road to fitness, or with some effort, they have also lost some weight as a consequence. You can also become skinny fat because you were able to achieve a lean body at one point, but then you’ve just let go afterwards.  In other words, you backslid in your eating habits and stopped exercising altogether.

Another reason for you not to remain complacent in your skinny fat condition is the possibility of you having the same medical issues that the obese typically deals with, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels, among others. An average BMI does not automatically mean you’re in the pink of health. A research confirms the existence of such individuals that can be referred to as lean yet unhealthy, which they also call the metabolically obese phenotype. The visceral fat that appears to be a flabby stomach could very well be a result of a high sugar diet and processed food which put you at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Perform resistance training

You’re probably concentrating your routines on doing cardio workouts for fear of looking bulky, especially if you’re female. While cardio exercises can make you slim, it does nothing to increase muscle mass that will keep your body fat at bay. You will need to lift weights and embark on a natural bodybuilding routine or use your body weight as resistance to have that muscle definition. This will also lower your body fat percentage in the process. You can avoid the bulk if you pair your weightlifting routines with just the right amount of food.

Eat right

Regular exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet is a plan that has been rehashed a million times and for good reason – it works. As many experts have emphasized, weight loss really is 90% about your diet and only 10% exercise. And it’s not just eating in moderation, but consuming the right kinds of food. Herbs for fitness also compliment a good diet very welll. Often, the best fast loss success stories come from those who stuck to nutritional choices. For example, the 300 calories you can burn from running on the treadmill equates to the same amount of calories you prevented from adding to your body by skipping that caramel chocolate dessert.

A diet that is plant-based which consists of fruits and vegetables enhances your overall health. However, we are not proposing a restrictive type of diet such as for you to become vegetarian or vegan. It is also important for you to take lean proteins such as fish and chicken for building muscle mass. You must also incorporate whole grains into your meal to provide you with more energy which your body can use during resistance training. Refined carbs which include pasta and white bread do not exactly help you in achieving your goals compared to brown rice and corn which are examples of complex carbs that you should take instead.

Look at your genetic predisposition, medicines, and existing medical condition

Be kind to yourself and learn more about your health history. The body type that you have may be in your genes, but it is not impossible to change if you will just commit to your goal. Most women who are on the pill would retain water in their body which makes them appear bloated. Those who have hypothyroidism or certain hormone imbalances can cause their weight gain.Power up with Juiced Upp’s Shred Stack 

Having the right supplements is a great approach that can aid in achieving your dream body. Your shred stack must include caffeine and green tea to increase your metabolic rate. Carnitine, TTA, and Conjugated Linoleic Acid help in getting rid of fat from your fat cells, which at the same time prevents it from being stored so that it can be used as a source of energy instead. Let’s not forget mood enhancing components like Theanine and DL Phenylalanine, which release norepinephrine and dopamine. You can also consider using virgin coconut oil as an additional source of fat that can be good for you. Bodybuilding herbs fare safe and effective so give them a try instead of looking to buy steroids online for a shortcut route to success. 

Final thoughts

As Tony Robbins once said, “change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change”. And you can commit to this change for as long as you use your pain as being the fat kid in high school to ignite that fire in you, when you turn it into a positive action.

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