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How to make friends in the gym

Going to the gym alone can be quite a daunting prospect. So how do you make friends at the gym?

In this 2020 gym friends guide, we look at several strategies you can use to make a new gym a friendlier place.

Don’t wait till you get to the gym

Why venture to the gym solo when you can leverage your social media network? A simple post asking who would like to workout at the gym may prompt volunteers to join you. Possibly people who were holding off for the same reason. In your post, try mentioning some key phrases to grab the attention of potential workout partners, such as natural bodybuilding and herbs for weight loss. Critical phrases like these may well strike a chord with your network who are already interested in hitting the gym and getting fit.

Indeed herbs for fitness, for example, will hit two bases; those who are interested in a more natural approach to health and well-being and those who are feeling unfit. The latter probably applies to most people to some extent or another. Maybe avoid mentioning legal steroids and asking where to buy steroids online at this stage, though.

Hitting up your social media network is way easier than asking a stranger in a gym to be your workout buddy. You could well strike lucky and find you already have a friend going to a gym and looking for a training partner. The gym’s profile on social media may also prove to be a rich vein to tap into, as you will see if any of your friends are listed as at least following the feed. Various mobile apps and websites also help you find potential workout partners in your location.

Go to the gym regularly

People tend to be creatures of habit. So adopt a routine. As far as possible, go to the gym on the same days, at the same time. You will increase the chances of striking up a friendship if you see the same faces all the time. And your face will become familiar to them too. Use the time to scope out who you might be able to be friends with. Being a regular like this may be the perfect opener for you. It also allows others to become comfortable with you.

First impressions

Try to look as presentable as possible without going over the top. Foremost, you are at the gym to workout; making friends along the way is the bonus. Fresh sweat doesn’t smell, but choose your moment when trying to break the ice with someone new. They may not be feeling or looking their best after an intense workout.

Talking points

In some ways going to the gym is like going on a first date. Only you both already have something in common – working out. Nonetheless, it’s always good to have a mental list of talking points and ice breakers. For instance, you could express an interest in bodybuilding herbs or muscle building supplements and ask for their opinion. But at least have some reliable info to fall back on by checking out the Juiced Upp website. It specializes in natural herbal formulas for muscle and fitness gains. Head over there now as Juiced Upp brings you a collection of legal supplements that are alternatives to steroids.

Careful selection

Don’t just march up to the first person you meet in the gym and strike up a conversation. Give  everyone a chance to run the rule over you and assess what fitness level you are at right now. You’re far more likely to have something in common with someone at the same fitness level.

Bear in mind, too, that not everyone at the gym wants to be social. Some people prefer to zone out in the gym and concentrate on their workout. Earphones and headphones are a pretty clear indicator someone may not be in the mood for chatting. Plus, you don’t know what is happening in their life. Gym workouts are a great stress buster, so some people are best left alone until they approach you.

Take classes

A good way to introduce yourself is by taking gym classes. These are excellent for meeting new people and making new friends. Classes are much more friendly than people working out solo or in long-established pairs. With a class, there’s much more of a feeling of all being in it together. Without realizing it, you are already part of a team, and team spirit inevitably leads to friendships.

Gym Romancing 

As your fitness and muscle mass increases over time, it’s time to approach the gym bunnies without feeling downright puny and inferior. All gyms have gym bunnies. 

The topic may be even trickier for some. Not all people may appreciate being quizzed.You will need to use your judgment on this.

But with regularity in the gym, the odd few glances, smiles and sharing stations can ultimately lead to a bit of flirting and sounding out if someone is interested in doing some gym work together or grabbing a post workout shake (or coffee!) one day!

Talking stacks

If there’s one topic, almost everyone in the gym will have an opinion on it’s supplements and better yet, if you know about Juiced Upp, you can talk about stacks. But do your homework first to get a proper handle on the types of stacks available. For the uninitiated, stacks are supplement combinations taken simultaneously over a cycle of eight weeks or so. They are specially formulated with a particular goal in mind.

To find out a little more, before throwing out stacks into the conversation, head once again over to Juiced Upp and find out about the stacks they have on offer. They say their natural products are as effective as legal steroids.

Among their best sellers is the Grow Stack steroid alternative for building muscle and size. Also popular are:

  • Cutting Stack steroid alternative for weight loss and fat burning
  • Perform Stack is a natural performance enhancing formula
  • And Beast Stack is a legal steroid cycle

Knowing which each of these is designed for will enable you to pose informed questions. Just don’t sound like you’ve memorized it straight off the website, though.

One aspect that’s often overlooked as a topic is how to improve mental health with herbs. So maybe consider this as an alternative talking point if you wish to steer clear of raising legal steroids too soon with someone you don’t know all that well. Asking about where to buy steroids online, for instance, implies you think the person you are asking has some prior knowledge of the subject. That’s why you may be on safer ground talking about Juiced Upp.

Leverage your newbie status

No will be surprised if you ask for help when you are new to the gym. Equipment varies from gym to gym, so most people will likely need a little assistance. Most people will be pleased to help out, and it can be an excellent method of striking up a conversation. If you are indeed a newbie at this gym malarkey, you may need some help in any case with operating workout equipment correctly. Or advice on how to use weight machines and avoid injury. You will have had an induction, but who remembers half of that stuff.

Top 9 mistakes to avoid in the gym

  1. Don’t interrupt someone if they are in the middle of their workout. No one appreciates that. So be careful about your timing when approaching someone new.
  2. Don’t talk to people if they are wearing earbuds or headphones. See No.1
  3. Steer clear of conversations with anyone lifting weights or running intensely on a treadmill, or generally working out hard. Your interruption could lead to them injuring themselves.
  4. Don’t assume anyone who is ripped has used legal steroids or knows where to buy steroids online.
  5. Don’t be a show-off. Nobody likes show-offs.
  6. Avoid commenting on someone’s physique. You do not know how it will be received. Even a compliment can be misconstrued if the person has hit the gym to improve their appearance. It’s better to keep your judgmental remarks to yourself.
  7. Avoid negative comments about someone else’s form. It’s best to avoid critiquing form or technique unless someone asks for your opinion.
  8. Don’t flirt. You will only make everyone else feel uncomfortable.
  9. Don’t focus on looking good the entire time. You are at the gym to get hot and sweaty. If you are overly concerned about your appearance, you run the risk of not being taken seriously by other gym users.


Follow this guide, and you will find it much easier to find a workout buddy. Natural bodybuilding and muscle building supplements are today as effective as legal steroids. But going to the gym is not solely about muscle gain; it’s also about gaining good friends.

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