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Why is it worth getting lean and shredded?

When people think about getting fit, they usually do so in a very shallow way. Ask the Average Joe to define getting fit. They would usually tell you that it just involves losing weight and looking better. 

While these are important, understand that for you to truly unlock the full value of working out, going to the gym and exercising and living a healthier lifestyle, you have to go for the goal. In other words, not only do you need to get lean, but you need to take it to the next level.

That’s right. I’m talking about getting lean and shredded. You have to take it all the way. Otherwise, you are leaving so much on the table. Remember, you’re already investing a lot of money in your gym membership. You are definitely investing a lot of your personal time.

Why not maximize the return that you get for all that investment? Sadly, a lot of people think that getting fit is just all about getting lean. Getting lean actually has many different levels. There is light lean, medium lean and lean and shredder.

You have to know the difference among these three. Otherwise, it’s very easy for you to go to the gym day after day, week after week, month after month and plateau. If you’ve ever committed to going to the gym and adopting a healthy work out schedule, you would know exactly what I’m talking about.

When was the last time you measured your body fat?

You put in the time but for whatever reason, you’re no longer making any progress. You lose a lot of weight but you stay at that same weight level. You get toned but you can’t seem to build muscle mass. Your fat layer disappears but you can’t seem to sculpt your body to match its fullest potential.

I’m no talking about being a body builder here. I’m not talking about joining the Mr. Olympia or Charles Atlas contest. I’m just talking about being the very best person you can be on a physical level. The reason for this is most likely due to the fact that you don’t know the difference between light lean, medium lean and lean and shredded.

Light lean

Most people can’t commit to a certain level of sports and daily exercise. If you are able to do this almost as an after thought, then you will be able to lose some weight and increase your stamina. People who are able to commit to going to the gym almost as an after thought are able to achieve this. 

The problem is they’re not really using some sort of well defined method or system. The problem with the light lean level is it’s so easy to fall out of it. Maybe your schedule at work changes or maybe you suffer from some sort of personal issue.

Whatever the case, the weight that you lost and the muscle definition you gained with the light lean system quickly goes away.

Medium lean

Medium or moderate lean involves people who use a more strategic and systematic physical exercise system. They stick to a schedule. They also stick to an escalating intense workout. Most importantly, their workout takes place on a regular basis.

Still, even if you adopt a moderate lean system, eventually, you will hit a wall. It takes a lot more to knock you out of this routine. But you can go back to a light lean level or completely become out of shape.

This is due to the fact that you haven’t turned your workout schedule into a long term commitment. In other words, you haven’t allowed it to dramatically and drastically change your lifestyle.

Check where you are right now

Lean and shredded

People who are able to develop amazing 6 pack abs and super lean muscle didn’t achieve that level of fitness by accident. They didn’t stumble upon it. Somebody definitely didn’t give it to them

Instead, they worked hard for it because they have developed a hardcore routine that has drastically changed their lifestyle. This involves high intensity and high repetition workouts at the gym. This also involves eating strategically.

Put simply, they don’t look at their lean and shredded health and exercise goals as just a part of their life. Instead of compartmentalizing it, they put it front and center. They let it change the rest of their lifestyle and they achieve greater health as a result.

Different athletes get different levels of results based on their input

The bottom line when it comes to light lean, medium lean and lean and shredded is the simple concept of garbage in, garbage out. In other words, you get out what you put in. If you want to reach the highest level of physical fitness and you want to be lean and shredded, you have to make your workout transcend the physical.

In other words, the mental and spiritual sides of your persona has to be in the mix. The best example of this is Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps has a mental movie system of visualization. He would memorize what he would do in the water to win a particular swimming competition.

He would rehears physically all the things that he imagines in his head. This is the reason why he has won more gold medals in the Olympics than any other athlete in history. 

It also highlights the fact that if you want to operate at a much higher level, you can not separate your physical workout from your mental, spiritual and emotional state. Michael Phelps’ mental movie method of visualization incorporates all of these aspects of the human experience to unleash tremendous results. If he can do it, you can do it too.

The bottom line

Getting lean and shredded requires all of you. This means your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical cylinders all have to be firing at the same time. It require commitment, dedication and changing your mindset as well as your personal narrative so you can workout on a regular basis.

In fact, you can workout so consistently it becomes a habit. You don’t even think about it. It becomes automatic. This is due to the fact that you mental focus has shifted. You no longer look at your diet, lifestyle and workout as well as your willpower as separate things. 

Instead, they are mixed into one and they help you shape your identity. You produce higher levels of self control and you’re able to milk more results from your willpower investment.

Going to the gym is more than a routine

When you go to the gym, it’s a statement of your values and priorities. There’s an old saying attributed to the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius. According to it, Confucius said that if you sow a thought, you reap a word. When you sow a word, you reap an action. When you sow an action, you reap a habit. When you sow a habit, you reap a character.

When you turn going to the gym into a habit that transcends your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical states, you don’t just get in shape. You don’t just enjoy amazing health benefits. The blessings that you get transcend the pounds that you lose.

Instead, you invest in your mental, emotional and holistic health. In other words, you shape your character based on your choices. The best part is your choices have become habitual and people can see from the state of your body and the quality of the choices you make just what kind of person you are. Powerful. Are you actively choosing your character? If so, does your body and lifestyle show it?

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