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The best SARMS for bulking

Naturally, when it comes to your bulking cycle, you want to… bulk up, and pack on the pounds. But sometimes, you might need a little support when it comes to building muscle mass. So, it’s not uncommon to look at selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) for a bit of extra help. 

Over the last few years, SARMs have risen in popularity and many bodybuilders have been relying on a SARMs stack for bulking up. In this article, we’ll dive into SARMs and the best SARMs for bulking, but before we dive in, let’s take a deeper look into what SARMs are. 

In this article we’ll be exploring:

  • What are selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) and how do they work?
  • What are the best SARMs stack for bulking?
  • What are the benefits of SARMs (including lean muscle building and fat loss)
  • And the importance of post cycle therapy

The rise in SARMs

Whilst SARMs have become popular in bodybuilding in more recent years due to their physical benefits, they’re not new, they date back to the 90s. Although of course, selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs weren’t created for bodybuilding, they were designed for building muscle. 

Many claim that potent SARMs can deliver similar effects to anabolic steroids but without all the side effects. From enhancing muscle building speed to accelerating fat loss, SARMs are very clever drugs. 

How do SARMs work?

Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs work by targeting specific androgen receptors, and this makes them effective at working on specific types of muscle tissue, and without affecting other areas of the body. 

We all know about anabolic steroids’ ability to build lean muscle mass and their pretty nasty side effects. So, many are looking to bulking SARMs as an alternative to pack on muscle mass. 


SARMs, also commonly referred to as research chemicals, weren’t designed with bodybuilding in mind. Instead, they were created to treat diseases that cause muscle wasting. So, whilst they were intending to improve bone density, build lean muscle mass, and aid fat loss, it wasn’t in an athletic setting. 

Why not use an anabolic steroid for bulking?

While some bodybuilders prefer anabolic steroids, they can come with a variety of nasty side effects, such as: 

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Needing intense post cycle therapy
  • Water retention
  • Gynecomastia (man boobs)
  • Joint pain
  • Estrogen production 
  • Severe/mild acne

However, it’s important to remember that both steroids and SARMs can have adverse side effects. 

Benefits of SARMs stacks

With benefits such as enhanced muscle mass, fat burning, and increased bone density, it’s no surprise that SARMs have overtaken the use of anabolic steroids for a bulking cycle.

So, what benefits can you expect from SARMs? Especially in relation to a SARMs bulking cycle? Let’s delve in deeper. 

Building lean muscle mass

As we said, SARMs were developed in the 90s as treatment for muscle wasting diseases, as well as cancer cachexia, breast cancer, andropause, sarcopenia and breast cancer. 

Providing similar effects to anabolic steroids, SARMs work by stimulating the androgen receptors which means that the activity they cause is limited to muscle tissue, which is why they’re so effective at building lean muscle mass. 

When it comes to using SARMs for bulking, other benefits include:

  • Fewer side effects than anabolic steroids
  • Not liver toxic like other ‘steroids’
  • Enhanced fat loss
  • Increases bone density
  • Can lead to increased energy levels
  • Higher quality sleep
  • Improved body composition
  • Anti-aging benefits

The best SARMs for bulking

When it comes to packing on muscle mass, your bulking cycle plays an important role. If you’re looking to achieve a huge increase in muscle, you need to know that you’re using the best SARMs cycle available. So, when it comes to gaining lean muscle mass, the following are the best SARMs for bulking on the market. 

#1 Testolone (RAD 140)

One of the most potent SARMs around, Testolone (RAD 140) is considered one of many research chemicals, which act specifically on androgen receptors. So, if you’re heading into an extreme bulking cycle, this one’s for you.

Testolone (RAD 140) supports rapid muscle gains, plus, research has shown that it also has the potential to increase your endurance and stamina. There’s no doubt about it, Testolone (RAD 140) is a powerful SARM when it comes to recovering faster after a tough training session and boosting your muscle recovery. 

Here are the primary benefits:

  • Faster temporary increases in lean mass
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Increased endurance
  • Boost in overall athletic performance

If you choose RAD 140 as a part of your bulking stack, it’s important to note that it takes around a week to kick in and then, you’ll start noticing changes pretty much every day.

However, while there seem to be many benefits that may lead you to consider RAD 140 as one of the best SARMs for bulking, it’s worth noting this potent SARM will require cycle support and post cycle therapy.

While not everyone reports side effects with Testolone (RAD 140), it’s best to follow it up with post cycle therapy to be safe. 


#2 Ligandrol (LGD4033)

Closely behind RAD 140 is Ligandrol, also known as LGD4033. This is another popular selective androgen receptor modulator and is a common go-to for athletes looking to increase their gains. In addition, it’s all gains and there’s no uncomfortable bloating that comes with water retention. 

According to clinical data, many opt for LGD4033 over other SARMs due to its safety profile, which means that you shouldn’t suffer from too many side effects during your bulking cycle. 

Dosage wise, the optimal amount of Ligandrol is between 5 to 10mg for a duration of 6 to 8 weeks. Much like RAD 140, you won’t see the impact immediately and it’ll kick in after about a week. With both popular SARMs, you’ll find muscle building workouts easier than ever (sort of!).

#3 Ostarine (MK-2866)

Another very popular SARM is Ostarine (MK-2866), which can be used for both your bulking and cutting cycles. MK-2866 is incredibly powerful when it comes to burning fat and building muscle gains. Plus, users also report an increase in strength and energy levels. 

You’ll find bodybuilders of all levels reaching for Ostarine. On average, users of Ostarine report adding around 3 pounds of muscle, and that’s without any changes to their training or caloric intake adjustments.

So, if you’re looking to build muscle and improve your body composition, Ostarine is a great contender as one of the best SARMs for your bulking cycle. Typically, you’d take it right after exercise, so it’s easy to slot into your routine. 

However, it does have some to look out for:

  • Mild hair loss
  • Mild acne
  • Potential of testosterone suppression, if taken for longer than 8 weeks

#4 Ibutamoren (MK-677)

Ibutamoren, often referred to as MK-677, is a growth hormone secretagogue that can help increase human growth hormone levels and IGF-1, which makes it an incredibly popular SARM for athletes who are seeking muscle growth, increased strength, and performance.

Users report that the longer you take Ibutamoren, the better the results. Athletes typically take between 20-30mg daily, for between 12-16 weeks.  

In addition to boosting lean muscle growth, MK-677 can enhance recovery rate, bone density, and sleep quality. MK-677 is usually stacked with other SARMs, such as LGD4033 or RAD 140, which focus on increasing muscle size. 

#5 Cardarine (GW-1516)

Outside of bodybuilding, Cardarine (also known as GW-1516 or just GW) has often been utilized to prevent obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses & health conditions. And of course, it’s well known when it comes to bulking SARMs. Although technically, it’s not actually a SARM. 

It functions in a similar way to some of the best SARMs, but GW-1516 is a Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor, or a PPAR. These work by binding to certain receptors, and then alternating the way your genes activate processes in the body. Resulting in enhanced energy levels, lowered cholesterol, and increased endurance. 

When combined as part of a SARMs bulking combo, it can help you build muscle mass faster than ever before. While GW-1516 on its own can enhance muscle gain, cardiovascular health, increase your metabolism and even reduce inflammation.

#6 YK-11

Another SARM-like research chemical that isn’t a SARM, YK-11 isn’t technically a SARM, but it is one of the best research chemicals around. YK-11 is a fully synthetic steroid based on DHT (5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone). 

It works to target androgen receptors all over your body, which then helps you to rapidly build lean muscle tissue and increase mass without the side effects found in an anabolic steroid.

Known for producing anabolic effects and inhibiting myostatin and producing follistatin. Overall, YK-11’s results include lean muscle tissue growth. And when it’s combined as part of a SARMs stack, it can lead to fat loss, intense muscle growth and greater stamina.

However, there are some side effects to look out for: 

  • Joint pain
  • Energy drain
  • Minor testosterone suppression
  • Hair loss
  • Mild acne
  • Increased aggression

Although most side effects are often minor and relatively temporary. In addition, it’s worth noting that YK-11 has a short half-life of between 7 and 10 hours.

What’s the best SARMS bulking cycle stack?

So, you’re looking for the best SARMs stack for bulking up? Well, you’re in the right place.

Typically, the best SARMs stack for bulking includes:

  • RAD 140
  • MK-677
  • YK11

This SARMs bulking stack is seriously powerful, it leverages some incredible lean muscle building, as well as boosting muscle recovery, increasing stamina, and enhancing endurance. In addition, this is one of the best SARMs stacks for reducing your body fat, creating that shredded look. 

Typically, these results are reserved for anabolic steroids, but the benefit of a SARMs stack for bulking has far fewer side effects than anabolic steroids. 


When Ibutamoren binds to receptors, the human growth hormone released can help improve body composition, increase muscle growth & healing, bone growth, as well as healing modulating blood sugar levels.

And when combined with RAD 140 and YK11, you can maximize lean mass, reduce your body fat, and maximize your workouts for ultimate muscle growth and gains. 

The importance of post cycle therapy

PCT is incredibly important to help your hormone system to re-balance your testosterone levels. While we all want to maximize protein synthesis for huge muscle growth, there is potential for an extreme bulking cycle to cause havoc with your hormones. And, we all know that messing with testosterone can lead to some nasty side effects. 

So, to maintain your gains after your bulking cycle, you need PCT, because even the best SARMs have side effects. 

What about a SARMs cycle for cutting?

As we briefly mentioned above, Ostarine is a great SARM for both cutting and bulking. Plus, it has very mild side effects when used at low-moderate doses, so it’s often seen as one of the best SARMs for cutting and bulking.

SARMS cycle for cutting – Cardarine

Much like Ostarine, Cardarine can also be versatile. One of the best SARM stacks for cutting will combine Cardarine and Ostarine.

This type of SARMs cycle for cutting means that you can maintain your hard-earned muscle growth, while cutting fat and building even more muscle in the process.

For beginners to intermediate users, Ostarine is a great choice, plus it is also one of the most researched SARMs around. Meanwhile, Cardarine (which is technically a PPAR delta agonist) can increase fatty acid oxidation over glycolysis, meaning that fat stores are used as fuel.

Ready for an EXTREME bulking cycle?

With all that said, why would you risk using SARMs that aren’t fully researched and might have nasty side effects? Instead, at Juiced Upp, we’ve created 100% natural and legal SARMs, for the perfect bulking stack.

Experience muscle growth like never before, while cutting fat and enhancing your workouts.

We created Beast Stack as a safe and natural alternative to SARMs to boost muscle growth, burn body fat and enhance performance.

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